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If you want to take the hassle out of catering then we can provide a series of different options.  We recommend that you get in touch with our caterers directly.  Otherwise we can organise it for you for an additional fee. Four of our regular caterers are listed below - all will need plenty of notice as they get booked up well in advance.

Sarah Norman is a really good and very local cook who can pop into help at any time with any of your catering needs. Casual dinner parties, to drop off dishes to smart formal meals.  Contact her on 07989 978319 or email 

Laura Folkes (aka Loopy) is a local chef who offers private catering with all the trimmings. She can cater for larger groups as well as smaller ones and is happy to do long weekends or week long catering. Can also deliver ready made, home cooked meals which cater for a wide range of dietary requirements. Either send her your menu ideas or she can create a tailor made menu for your stay at The Colloquy. Please contact her directly on: 07812 102345

Jamie Yardley has catered a large Italian themed party for us - it was absolutely excellent, and very good value, but he can cook anything. Email - - telephone number 07525 237499.

Eddie Cleal at Rococo Catering has also recently done some work for us at the Colloquy and the Sherriffsand can supply a very good standard of food and again waitresses and staff.  Please contact Eddie directly on 0845 6474757 or by e-mail on or website 

Tapas Delivery - you might like to consider a full tapas drop off with  We tried them for our huge family Christmas (07) - 28 of us, and found them to be totally delicious. These Tapas Boxes bring together selections of (chilled) cold and hot (frozen) Tapas, that are authentic, exclusive and developed to treasured family recipes.  They can be delivered to the property.


Sample Dinner Party Menu