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The meeting rooms

In brief:

4 meeting rooms:

The Parley:  Seats up to 25 for presentation

                    Catering up to 25 at round table

                    Reception up to 40

                    Full presentation screen with wireless

                    router, broadband internet, microsoft


The Discourse: Seats up to 20 for presentation

                    Catering up to 30 at long table

                    Reception up to 50

                    Plasma TV with Scart linkage

Tack Room:  Seats up to 8 for informal meeting

Clock View: Seats up to 12 for informal meeting

The Whisper: Seats up to 6 for informal meeting    

The Colloquy has two large meeting rooms, one small meeting room, reception room with bar, a club sitting room with 43 inch TV and sink-into sofas; eight double bedrooms, each with its own bathroom or wetroom; and for summer break-outs, the garden.

The Parley, the larger of the two double height main meeting rooms, is 45 feet long by 22 wide and rises to an uplifting 15 feet.

Stealthily wired with a full media centre (specifications on request) it can be by turns a sleek meeting room in the day, an impressive dining room in the evening, and an intimate studio cinema by night.

Across the courtyard The Discourse, its twin, is roughly the same size. Between them they enclose the Courtyard which makes an ideal place for drinks or buffet in the evening air. There are three further meeting areas: The Tack Room; The Clock View and, upstairs, The Whisper.

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working at the Colloquy
The Clockview with a view through to dining room/boardroom in the Parley

Viewing room
The Parley media room set up for a Christmas viewing of Gorgeous George in Ocean's 11

There is of course plenty of room outside in our one hectare walled garden.  A long terrace accessed through The Parley has a long teak table and 20 chairs - good for an early evening summer informal gathering.  There is an amphitheatre shaped flower bed which may provide an interesting venue for role play.  And when the team is really tired they can just flop into our swimming pool, chill out with our badminton set, or just lounge on the lawn, surrounded by our landscaped herbs, flowers and shrubs.